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October 2017 Jörg Molt is a guest speaker at the blockchain conference Block Bali 2017.

Before the start of the conference, he asks the organizer, if Bali is in need of charity work. He is then introduced to hotel manager Alexander Jovanovic. Alexander who at this time also serves as president of the local Rotary Club tells us about a charity project that doesn’t seem to get off the ground.

Urgent needs

The government of Bali does not provide assistance to handicapped people. For instance, if someone – and that includes small children and senior citizens –  loses a limb,  they do not receive medical care.  After several volcanic eruptions and the 2002 bombing, an unprecedented number of people on the island are affected by this issue.

The Annika Linden Centre

One woman saw the need of these people and decided to do something about it. She founded the Annika Linden Centre out of kindness to provide assistance and care to people in need. The facility aimed to provide patients with artificial limbs, so that they could live a more normal life. For FREE. From one human being to another.

Annika Linden lost her life in the 2002 bombing.

Annika’s spirit lives on

She dedicated her life to the idea of giving people dignity and autonomy, But the problem back then and today remains the same: people who live in remote areas of the island are often unable to get to the centre. The members of the Rotary Club asked themselves, how they could give these people access to artificial limbs and physical therapy. They had an idea.

Here comes the bus

They decided to purchase a 4-wheel bus that would bring patients to the centre. People would finally be able to stand again on their own two feet or get  a wheelchair for increased mobility.

As of October 2017, the Rotary Club had been trying to raise the necessary sum for several months – with limited success. They were only a few thousand US Dollars short, but the project seemed to be stuck in limbo.

Start of BitCoin Charity Bali

When Jörg heard about this, he immediately decided to donate the rest of the money.

On October 25, 2017 he presented the president of the Rotary Club with a donation of $25,000 in BitCoins.

Part of the sum was converted into fiat money and used to purchase the bus. The remaining BitCoins were carefully managed by hotel manager and Rotary Club president Alexander Jovanovic. After a briefing on BitCoin, Alexander was able to raise the value of the centre’s BitCoins to such an extent that the running costs of the bus (repairs, fuel, salaries, etc) could be partially covered.

We were told recently that the custodian of our donation has been able to increase the value of the remaining BitCoins from originally $25,000 to a whooping $35,000. That made us really happy.

We believe that this facility is worthy of our continued support. The hard work of all involved should be rewarded with BitCoin Charity.

YES – for the time being, the organization relies on donations. Your BitCoin donation will ensure the continued successful operation of the centre and its further development. But in future, it will not rely this heavily on donations as its curators already strife to increase the value of donated BitCoins to cover running costs.

Help people help themselves!

Watch the former Project Bali Bus grow thanks to your help. You can make a BitCoin donation here and start helping right now!


Kind regards,

Barbara und Jörg





Charity Bali: 3Pq3CMRDmC5CQuExp4Q6xmWxHRsYox7ekF

Preface by the Satoshi School Founder & Co-founder of BitCoin Jörg Molt

“Our mission is to make BitCoin and Blockchain technology accessible to everyone”

“The BitCoin system and its respected protocol is a philosophy that balances the imbalance between exploitation, debt and wealth, with its own payment function.” – … read more


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