Education for everyone with equality.

Access to knowledge and the opportunity of education is a basic human right

If you see a student who is having a hard time mastering his subject , it's probably because his teacher is not explaining it in a friendly and straightforward  manner.

About Andreas Hecker

I have been working in adult education and as a senior consultant for more than 20 years and with great success. My brother, Klaus Hecker, and I have been self-employed the whole time. Detailed and in-depth knowledge in many areas of internet technology - both theoretical and practical – form the basis of our success.

It is his know-how about internet technology, from infrastructure to encryption techniques, that enables me to understand the many aspects of BitCoin. In my courses, I pay particular attention to conveying my knowledge comprehensibly and vividly to all participants.

This enables me to "demystify" the philosophy behind BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies and the way they function, making them straightforward and understandable to anyone. A practical and clear communication of the key aspects is my major concern.

 My training contents are:

  • BitCoin and Blockchain 
  • Philosophy, creation, buying and selling, mining and use
  • BitCoin as an investment
    BTC - the “digital gold" as both currency and investment
  • BitCoin Security
    Protect secure storage, PC, phone or tablet from threats and attacks
  • Scam Protection/ fraud protection
    Beware of traps - how to recognize dubious offers

I teach in German and English.

There are currently no events.

There are currently no events.

Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt

Feedback from course participant Oliver P. “On January 4th 2018 I bought my first BitCoin. Later on, I converted my BitCoins into Altcoins and traded them frequently. So I did everything wrong. I was only interested in making a quick buck. Friends and family ridiculed me. Some people said, my wife should take away my… Read more “Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt”

Oliver P.

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