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If you’re having difficulties explaining something so that others are able to understand it, you probably don’t understand it yourself.

About Klaus Hecker

I enjoy getting to the bottom of things and passing on my discoveries to other interested people. For this reason, I have chosen the field of adult education and have been successfully working full-time as an independent IT trainer and consultant for more than 20 years.

For me, a seminar means more than just teaching expert knowledge. It is also a gathering of like-minded people. The joy of learning together and discussing new ideas and opportunities, keep my courses lively and interesting. It is important for me to give new impulses and to create an atmosphere for my students  that everyone likes to think back on. Thus, knowledge is easily reinforced.

In this well-coordinated mixture of theory and practice  you will learn all there is about BitCoin, the underlying technology, and its philosophy.. You will be equipped with knowledge that will enable you to understand the phenomenon of BitCoin and cryptocurrencies in general. You will also be able to use them for yourself.

Among other things, look forward to these key topics:

  • BitCoin basics - philosophy and origin of the cryptocurrency
  • BitCoin mining and blockchain - how BitCoins are generated and stored, what is a blockchain, technical background of cryptocurrency
  • BitCoin addresses, private and public keys - "account numbers, pins and tans" in the BitCoin blockchain
  • My first BitCoin - how and where can BitCoins be bought, sold and traded?
  • BitCoin storage - classification of different types of wallets and their advantages and disadvantages 
  • BitCoin security - protect your PC, mobile phone or tablet from threats and attacks
  • BitCoin transactions - technical background and procedure for sending and receiving BitCoin
  • BitCoin  forks and altcoins - what's a fork, what differentiates BitCoin from other cryptocurrencies?
  • Beware of scams - how to recognize dubious offers and providers
  • BitCoin as a currency and "digital gold" - what role does BitCoin play as a digital currency and as a monetary asset today and in the future?
  • Q&A   

My courses are practice-oriented. I'll show you possible bugs with BitCoin and how to avoid them. It is important to me to reduce fears and address misconceptions.

There are currently no events.

There are currently no events.

Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt

Feedback from course participant Oliver P. “On January 4th 2018 I bought my first BitCoin. Later on, I converted my BitCoins into Altcoins and traded them frequently. So I did everything wrong. I was only interested in making a quick buck. Friends and family ridiculed me. Some people said, my wife should take away my… Read more “Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt”

Oliver P.

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