Education for everyone with equality.

Access to knowledge and the opportunity of education is a basic human right

About Luo Hui Wen


With the true BlockChain technology and its BitCoin thereof, we’re moving towards a better world – day by day, especially for woman.


Who am I?

With journalism being the main subject of my studies, communication methodology has become my field of expertise as the ultimate tool of global interaction between all of us. In addition, I’m an English tutor for Chinese graduate students and business professionals. My passion is to dramatically reduce the number of needy people in this world.


Why Satoshi-School?

As a teaching platform for the original BlockChain technology with many of its decentralized applications, such as; BitCoin, Smart Contract, Registrar, Stored Value, Ledger and many more – it gives women and children of this world a much greater voice and will contribute significantly to the overall advancement of developing countries in education, security, freedom, and overall living standard.

What are the Class Topics?

  • What does the BlockChain/BitCoin mean for women
  • Self-determination through the BlockChain/BitCoin
  • Influence of BlockChain/BitCoin on future generations
  • Global access to knowledge through the BlockChain/BitCoin
  • The BlockChain & Global Citizen – A Match in Heaven!
  • Others …


Class Language:

English and Chinese (Mandarin)

There are currently no events.

There are currently no events.

Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt

Feedback from course participant Oliver P. “On January 4th 2018 I bought my first BitCoin. Later on, I converted my BitCoins into Altcoins and traded them frequently. So I did everything wrong. I was only interested in making a quick buck. Friends and family ridiculed me. Some people said, my wife should take away my… Read more “Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt”

Oliver P.

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