Education for everyone with equality.

Access to knowledge and the opportunity of education is a basic human right

Preserve and promote free thinking

About Special Course Trainer for Innovative Brains

This is the best way to describe the philosophy of these special cources: We, the trainers, are young, fresh mind whose willingness to change has neither been worn out by political constructs nor brought into line with rigid economic systems. We want to preserve this kind of freedom. To make this possible, however, a rethinking needs to happen - especially in the minds of the generation that is just beginning to participate in this world, starting to shape it. But this generation is confronted with a rigid system which works on the principle of adaptation or extinction.

Therefore, our goal is to preserve free thinking where it has already found its place and to promote it where it is starting take hold. And this includes you, the person who has visited our profile and is now reading this text.

Well, Satoshi School is a platform. Just like many other things in life. For us, Satoshi School is also an opportunity to meet other free spirits and to get to know their perspective on the world. Our classes, under the auspices of Satoshi School, aim to create an environment where this is possible. During a course, the information does not flow in just one direction. Each course is a dynamic exchange between all participants. That's why the courses are held exclusively in small groups in which we can communicate truly and seriously with each other and above all learn with an open mind that does not exclude any possibility.

All courses are based on the principle of „working on / with the responsible citizen". This is done in two steps which can be used universally for each new single topic, but also in the overall context

  1. ) Sensitization – preventing manipulation. Recognition of patterns / systems that have almost imperceptibly crept into our everyday lives.
  2. ) Acting in everyday life - minimizing blackmail. Every man-made system that is allegedly without alternative causes, usually at least unconsciously, a dependency that could be used to limit individual freedom. Depending on who you ask, this is already happening - or not. The real question is: Why am I being blackmailed?

We all use our knowledge differently in everyday life. We also discuss this aspect. Therefore, it is advisable to attend our courses together with friends or other people that play a part in your life.

The respective trainer will contact you.

There are currently no events.

There are currently no events.

Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt

Feedback from course participant Oliver P. “On January 4th 2018 I bought my first BitCoin. Later on, I converted my BitCoins into Altcoins and traded them frequently. So I did everything wrong. I was only interested in making a quick buck. Friends and family ridiculed me. Some people said, my wife should take away my… Read more “Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt”

Oliver P.

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