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BitCoin and the blockchain technology are going to change the world. You decide whether you want to be a creator or just an observer.

About Thorsten Schmidt

Who am I?

I am a trainer, consultant and enthusiastic BitCoin and blockchain expert. Having worked as a management consultant for many years, anticipating the "rise of new technologies and the changes they bring" has always played a key role in my life. In 2016, friends made me aware of BitCoin and the blockchain technology. The subject immediately captured my imagination  and so I quickly advanced from beginner to expert. I still remember, how difficult it was to gain confidence in something that can be hard to teach and even harder to understand. Thanks to the excellent educational work of the Satoshi School, I quickly overcame my skepticism and uncertainty. Since 2017 I have been working as a trainer for the Satoshi School. My colleagues and I implement their unique and highly successful teaching methods.  It is important to me to convey topics simply and understandably with a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical examples.

What does it mean for me to be a trainer at the Satoshi School?

As a coach of the Satoshi School I feel honored to be right at the forefront of important technologies like BitCoin and blockchain. Together with Jörg Molt, BitCoin co-founder and one of the most renowned BitCoin experts worldwide, we continue to expand our educational work .  But we are not a school in the traditional sense.  We do not stop once you understand the theory, but add practical real world exercises to strengthen your knowledge.

What are my goals?

Students should gain confidence in using BitCoin and blockchain technology. Skepticism and uncertainty can only be eliminated with sufficient information. For this reason, the focus of my seminars is on the BitCoin philosophy, the underlying technology and security mechanisms, the handling of BitCoin (purchase and safekeeping), further development of the BitCoin blockchain and the taxation of BitCoin. Live demonstrations and exercises, such as the setting up of wallets on mobile phone or laptop and BitCoin receiving/shipping, complete the course experience.

There are currently no events.

There are currently no events.

Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt

Feedback from course participant Oliver P. “On January 4th 2018 I bought my first BitCoin. Later on, I converted my BitCoins into Altcoins and traded them frequently. So I did everything wrong. I was only interested in making a quick buck. Friends and family ridiculed me. Some people said, my wife should take away my… Read more “Course in Würzburg / Germany with Jörg Molt”

Oliver P.

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