from human to human we offer a gate to a new digital education

Dear visitor,

Satoshi School is an education channel where freelance trainers offer professional instructional services.

We are organised by ethical values and as such we have a status of elucidation and always report fraudulent activity.

BitCoin & co was founded and created with a clear vision, philosophy and understanding for the necessity of a secure system in a controlled digital world and to this day runs transparent and true to that belief.

BitCoin was expressly designed to avoid third party companies, and as such, was never a Multi Level Marketing scheme. BitCoin should not to be mistaken for how a number of people, organisations and fraudsters have used the publically available Blockchain technology and coding for unsecure ICOs. BitCoin is not responsible for people’s losses in other technologies and “ponzi” or pyramid schemes.

For the avoidance of doubt and to complete the transparency, the BitCoin Blockchain is pure and secure.

In mirror of that purity and transparency, The Satoshi School and its trainers work to its decentralised principles. The Satoshi School is a not for profit platform. Payments for trainers are forwarded directly and automatically to the tutors in BTC from this site.

IMAGE SOURCE: some picture where taken from pixabay

Preface by the Satoshi School Founder & Co-founder of BitCoin Jörg Molt

“Our mission is to make BitCoin and Blockchain technology accessible to everyone”

“The BitCoin system and its respected protocol is a philosophy that balances the imbalance between exploitation, debt and wealth, with its own payment function.” – … read more


Weingut Gessner-Kühn




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